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All couples want their wedding day to be as memorable as possible, and the right venue can make a big difference.

Read more about country house wedding venues

A Country House Wedding

It isn't surprising that country house wedding venues have become more popular than ever. Tying the knot in a large country house or estate means that you have everything you could possibly want for the perfect wedding, including beautiful furnishings, elegant and stylish accommodation and fine dining. And the backdrop of the house and the garden means you can be assured of great wedding photographs. Although couples of all ages choose a country house wedding, they are especially popular with older couples, perhaps because of the feeling of history and nostalgia.

Wedding Packages

Planning a wedding can be time consuming and stressful, and many country house wedding venues offer a package, including food, drinks and accommodation in some of the most elegant surroundings in the UK. Often, it can be the small touches that helps to make the wedding and the reception a memorable occasion, and many packages include extras such as wedding favours, champagne, decoration, flowers and music. Buying a wedding package is usually a lot less costly than booking and paying for the different elements separately, and of course, it also eliminates a lot of the legwork.

The Right Location

If you like the idea of getting married in a grand country house, there are dozens of such places across the UK, ranging from 18th century manor houses to fortified castles and converted barns. Although a secluded location might sound appealing for a wedding venue, keep in mind that your guests have to be able to get to the venue. You may want to choose a country house with good road links, or easy access to a railway station. The Home Counties have a high concentration of country house venues that can be used for weddings, although you can also find the perfect country estate on Anglesey, in the Scottish Highlands or in rural Cornwall.

Other Considerations

Cost is a major factor for most couples, and the cost of getting married in a country house can vary widely. Don't book extras and accommodation that you don't really need; if you aren't going to spend much time in your room, book a more basic room instead. And keep in mind the size of venue; if you are expecting perhaps 50 guests, don't book and pay for a venue that can accommodate a thousand.